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Simplified Properties is a privately held real estate investment firm. We buy aging properties – transform them, and create modern shopping centers, apartments, and dream homes.

We specialize in the following:

  1. Vacancy / Leasing
  2. Deferred Maintenance
  3. Cosmetic & Major Fixer Uppers
  4. Fire Damage, Water Damage, Foundation Problems
  5. Property Inheritance/Probate
  6. Tear Down & New Construction
  7. Delaying / Stopping Foreclosure
  8. Back Mortgage Payments
  9. Buying Property with Little or No Equity

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Sean Katona  |  Managing Partner

Sean Katona is a real estate investor, landlord and national speaker.  He owns income property across four states and has spearheaded 70+ deals ranging from value-add renovations to new construction.  Sean’s focus is revitalizing retail shopping centers / apartment buildings to maximize returns for friends & family.

Prior to making the transition to full-time real estate investing, Sean spent 7+ years selling advertising solutions to Fortune 500 companies.  Katona worked at Microsoft (Xbox/MSN) and Electronic Arts (EA Sports) driving alliances with some of the world’s best-known marketers including Paramount, Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Sony, ABC, NBC, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda, Dr Pepper, and more.

Katona holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Sales, Marketing & Information Systems concentrations from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.  “Growing up, I was immersed in real estate.  My mother was a real estate agent with ERA, and our family bought nearly a dozen fixers & rental properties.  At 25, I invested my savings in a fixer-upper and since then, I’ve been hooked.  Outside of real estate and investing, I love international travel, scuba diving, golf, and snowboarding.”

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Brittany Katona  |  Portfolio Manager

Brittany is an accomplished leader with 12+ years of experience selling and marketing pharmaceutical products, including topical aesthetics, therapeutics, and medical devices. Most recently in her role as Sr. Regional Sales Manager at Galderma she leads a team of 11 sales executives and oversees the highest volume territory in the country.

Prior to Galderma, she was the head of International Sales and Marketing for Obagi Medical Products, managing 20 International Distributors across 55 countries.  Brittany earned her Sociology (B.A.) from University of Southern California graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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Troy Gravett  |  Director of Acquisitions – Los Angeles & Troy_300pxOrange County

Mr. Gravett is a licensed agent and full time real estate investor.  “I was raised and currently reside in Torrance, CA.   My interest in Real Estate and investing blossomed after high school while reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.  I graduated from California State Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  I am a Gold Member of the Real Estate Investment Club of Los Angeles.

Outside of Real Estate, I ref high school volleyball, passionately follow the Lakers & Kings, and play volleyball, basketball, and watch Shark Tank.

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Antonio Lopez  |  Director of Acquisitions – Seattle


Antonio Lopez has been in the real estate industry for 12 years, serving as loan officer, and commercial property sales , but is most passionate about residential real estate.  He was a top agent at Re/Max and won numerous sales awards during his time there.  Antonio grew up in the bay area until the age of 14 and then moved to Vancouver BC before settling in the Seattle area during his junior year of high school.  Being raised by a father who was a business entrepreneur, Antonio gained a very early passion for real estate. “Early on in my career, my mentor showed me how to flip houses and see the potential in the market to create strategies on how to grow a real estate portfolio.  I  love what I do.”

Outside of real estate, Antonio is also an avid sports fan and can be found on the soccer field most weekends coaching his boys’ select soccer team.  When he is not coaching, he can be found on the soccer sideline or volleyball stands supporting his son and daughter in their competitive activities.

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