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When Simplified purchases a home, we purchase the property “AS-IS”, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to fix it or even clean it. We are looking for properties that need work or are significantly undervalued. At zero cost to the homeowner, we can help create the simplest transaction of your career by:

        • Buying otherwise hard to sell properties
        • Settling liens, code violations, or other title issues
        • Helping homeowners with creative solutions and terms
        • Taking care of environmental or structural problems
        • Paying cash, and closing in as little as X days
        • Helping you earn double commissions
        • Sending you short sale referrals
        • Increasing your volume with repeat business
        • Teaching you to spot “gold”, and how to do more business with investors
        • Providing free training and joint venture potential

Get our Buying Criteria & Guide to Finding Distressed Properties!


As a Real Estate Agent, we understand that you’re busy. We won’t waste your time. Our team is proud to operate with a culture of professionalism, integrity, transparency, and respect. As an established company with a proven track record of over 65+ real estate transactions, you can be confident that we’ll follow through on our word and close on time.

“The process of selling the house was very smooth and quick. The Simplified Properties
team was enjoyable and easy to work with.”

-Michael D.

“If you want to work with a professional group that is fair, fast and delivers on their commitments you should call them.”

-Tim S.

“Escrow closed today on our property. Thanks Sean! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!”

-Terri C.

“Sean [and Simplified Properties] helped our family during a challenging time. He bought our home quickly and on terms that worked for us. Thank you!”

-Anthony J.

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Buying Criteria & Guide to Finding Distressed Properties!!